Photo of Lvov of the Soviet era

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These are photos of Lviv sample 1984. They were published by the publishing house "Art". Such pictures help to see how the city was 35 years ago.

Soviet power industrialized Lviv by building a number of industrial giants in the city. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Ukrainians massively moved here from the surrounding villages. Large sleeping areas appeared, for example, Sykhiv, Ryasnoe, Zboischi. In Lviv, the population has changed once again. It became the largest Ukrainian-speaking city.

In 1984, the industry in Lviv developed at an unprecedented pace. She owned almost all of the republican production of buses and cranes on the road course, forklifts, mopeds, conveyors, the fourth part of the production of televisions. Products were exported to 70 countries.

The whole old Lviv is an extraordinary museum, around which are modern microdistricts, administrative buildings, green spaces.
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