Unparalleled homes for well-to-do birds

11316 May, 10:47 / Source: make-self.net
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Who said that bird houses cannot be stylish and functional? Why can't they be fanciful? Birds pets deserve to ensure that their housing is not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

Think you need only high-quality wood, slate and glass? Not at all. Enough to rummage in the garage or in the attic. For a small house, you can definitely find something there. In the course will go the remains of wood, old door handles, locks, multi-colored glass.

As for the style, here you can give free rein to your imagination. Birds, probably, no matter how exactly their future home will look like. This may be an old building in the form of a Gothic church or a colorful trailer for traveling.

We have collected for you a few ideas that can be translated into reality. Rummage in the garage or in the attic. You may be able to create something like this.
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