Mickey Mouse Debut

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In 1923, the 22-year-old Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded an animation studio in Hollywood, the first film of which appeared two years later. Glory to Disney brought the next film "Rabbit Oswald", the hero of which became the first among Disney cult characters.

In 1928, the artist Ab Iverks painted a mouse, named Mortimer, who became the character of the 6-minute tape. In the final version of her character got a new name (Disney was convinced by his wife Lilian) and became the main character of the film “Mickey Mouse in a Mad Plane”.

His presentation on May 15, 1928 in Los Angeles ended in failure - none of the distributors wanted to buy a film in which Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie are flying in an airplane. The main drawback of the film was the lack of sound, so in the fall of the same year Mickey Mouse became a character in the film “Steamboat Willie”, which was the first animated film with synchronized sound and was a huge success. This inspired Disney to remake the previous tape, and its sound version with the modified name "Mad Plane" was released on March 17, 1929.

Total Mickey Mouse became the hero of more than 130 Walt Disney tapes, both short and full-length. Nine of them were nominated for an Oscar, but only the Heartless Savior received it in 1942.
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Since 1930, Mickey Mouse has become a character in comics that have been printed for the next 45 years, television series (Mickey Mouse Club, 1955-94), over time, having received more moderation and solidity.

Mickey Mouse’s latest short film, “Simple Things,” was filmed in 1953, after which for several decades he became the hero of entertainment television shows, and subsequently computer games.

November 18, 1978 in honor of his 50th birthday, Mickey became the first cartoon character, whose name appeared among the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After a long break, in 1983, Mickey Mouse again became the hero of short and full-length films and animated series. His image in white gloves and red shorts is still one of the most recognizable in the world today, bringing to Walt Disney about 40% of the revenue.
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