King’s Cabinets and Queen's Table: Rothschilds will auction European monarchs furniture

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The Rothschild family will auction more than 50 lots at Christie’s, totaling about $ 13 million. Among them are the cabinets of the Spanish king and the table of Marie-Antoinette.
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An auction will be held in July in which the Rothschild family will put up 57 lots with a total value of $ 12.9 million.

The most expensive lot - 2 Flemish tables with gilding, ordered by King of Spain Philip V around 1713. Their cost, according to the auction house, can be up to $ 3.2 million.

The desk of the French Queen Marie-Antoinette is estimated at about $ 1.3 million. The estimated hourglass ordered by French King Louis XV is about $ 100,000.

The name of the Rothschilds in some circles is nominal. According to experts, often it attracts collectors from around the world. As for the June auction, initiated by Christie’s, they have already attracted the attention of potential buyers from Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

Rothschilds rarely sell something. In 1999, the collection of barons Nathaniel and Albert Rothschild went under the hammer at Christhie’s auction. In 2015, two portraits by Rembrandt were sold to France and the Netherlands for $ 180 million.
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Thanks to the Rothschild family in the field of luxury, the term le gout Rotchild (“the taste of the Rothschilds”) appeared - they mean the desire to buy only the best of what is on the market. This approach was adopted by other rich families - the Rockefellers, Astors and Vanderbilts.
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