70 years this apartment stood closed, until the heirs decided to evaluate it

70 years this apartment stood closed, until the heirs decided to evaluate it

21 May 2019, 12:16
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Despite the fact that Paris is a densely populated city, it is possible to find apartments in it that have stayed closed for over 70 years. This is the case with the apartment discovered in 2010.

The owner of this apartment was a certain Madame, who in 1942 fled Paris from the Nazis. During all this time the housing was closed. Moreover, according to some sources, it was even properly paid. How and why this happened - remains a mystery even for its descendants.

In 2010, a woman died in the south of France, where she fled in 1942 and remained there to live. As it became known, she died at the age of 91, and that she was the granddaughter of a certain Madame Florian. After that, the heirs of the apartment decided to evaluate the real estate and property located in it.

An auction specialist, Olivier Choppin-Janvry, was invited. The reason - a unique apartment, stood untouched for 70 years and fully preserved the situation of the beginning of the twentieth century. His first impression is the smell of age-old dust, the sensation of a sleeping beauty's castle, where time has stopped.

But the main discovery was a portrait of Marta Florian, the grandmother of the last owner, who bought the apartment, and the atmosphere of the beginning of the twentieth century belonged to her.

Marta de Florian - Matilda Eloise Bozheron - was a success in Parisian society of the late XIX century. she took her pseudonym because of the father of her son, the banker de Florian. Marta Florian was also favored by politicians, including Prime Minister Clemenceau, and the artist Giovanni Baldini, who painted this magnificent portrait in 1888, when Martha was 24 years old.
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