Mosaics from the remnants of ceramics and tiles as ideas for decoration

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Beautiful drawings, neatly laid out in mosaic, are the perfect decoration for the facade of the house and garden. And what is especially nice, for this type of decor, you can use materials that remained after the repair or construction. For example, ceramics, glass, pebbles, pieces of tile. Some enthusiasts even use shells and buttons.

If such items are enough, then why waste time. After all, it can be used with advantage: to decorate the facade of the house, the site. Such a creative flight will not be limited by the budget. Rather the opposite.

Recycling materials will look good on walls, stairs, walkways, flower beds or bird houses. Bright, unusual, neat.

Note that the use of the remnants of ceramic tiles should not be regarded as solely the whims of the designer soul. They do not lose their operational qualities and carry a great practical benefit - the products decorated with them, be it a flower pot or a kitchen apron, will serve you much longer than usual, and a garden path correctly laid out from tile remains will become a comfortable and reliable place for walking and walking.
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