Traces of ancient civilization discovered by archaeologists in Laos

Traces of ancient civilization discovered by archaeologists in Laos

22 May 2019, 11:43
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Megalithic structures resembling massive stone vessels were found in Laotian forests. 15 plots with 137 vessels, whose age reaches one thousand years, were found in a remote mountainous area.

According to archaeologists, this finding is associated with the ancient practice of burial of the departed. Monuments were carved out of stone and somehow transferred to a distance of several kilometers. And this, despite the fact that the weight of individual "vessels" exceeds a ton.

Stone discs with carvings, inscriptions, figures, and concentric circles were also found near the stone “jugs”. In the tombs themselves, they found ceramic objects, glass beads, iron tools, jewelry and weights for the hand spindle.

This unusual method of burial was adopted by the followers of the Zoroastrian cult in Persia. In particular, the dead were buried in the so-called "towers of silence." Structures of brick or stone with a height of 6 meters were built on the hills of the mountains.

The remains were laid for birds of prey, and bones freed from soft tissues were stored in stone wells, where the final decay products were washed away with rain water into the soil.
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