Freddie Mercury takes pictures of swans and Frank Sinatra eats spaghetti - photos of celebrities that you have never seen

37622 May, 12:15 / Source:
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In these pictures, borrowed from various sources, well-known actors, politicians, and musicians are gathered. They are depicted under a previously unknown to many angles.

The atmosphere in which they managed to catch, more than laid-back. Famous personalities are fooling around, having fun with friends, relaxing in between work. It is very possible that you have never seen them like this.

The pictures captured Drew Barrymore on the set of the film “Generating Fire”, Mohammed Ali and Jim Carrey, little Michelle Obama. You can even meet Polaroid photos of Jim Carrey on the set of the film "Dumb and Dumber" and Francis Ford Coppola, dancing with his daughter Sofia on the set of the film "The Godfather 2".
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