Where to store the booms?

Where to store the booms?

22 May 2019, 12:36
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Paper money, bills or bonds, unlike coins, do not require a lot of storage space. They even feel good between sheets of white blank paper. But if your collection has dozens or even hundreds of bon, you should take care of their convenient and high-quality storage. Consider ways to store a collection of paper money.

1. Weak.
These are vacuum solid transparent packagings on which information on the booms placed in them is indicated. For example, the state of the system Sheldon, release date, features. Packing in the weak produced grading companies. It is considered the best way to store Bon, because it fully protects the banknote from external influence.

2. Albums with removable sheets.
This method will allow you to fit dozens and even hundreds of copies in one album, ensuring their safety. Such an album consists of empty folders and sheets to them. Each sheet contains from 1 to 5 cells, depending on the size of the bon.

3. Albums with fixed sheets.
An analogue of the previous accessory for collectibles, but the sheets here can not be removed and added. They are less convenient because of the impossibility of using sheets with different cell formats.

4. Folders and covers for documents.
This method is resorted to in the absence of special accessories for collectibles. But they can not provide adequate protection of the collection copy.

5. Exhibition stands.
This method is best for demonstrating the collection. At the booths, booms are attached using special angles made of paper or solid transparent plastic. They are inserted into the corners, do not stick. Exhibition stands are convenient because you can provide brief information under each of the bonuses, and give a description of the collection on the stand.

Choose the right accessory for your collection in Violity shop and store it properly.
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