Well of Initiation - the place of initiation of masons

Well of Initiation - the place of initiation of masons

23 May 2019, 15:36
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This structure is like a place of mystical transition from light to darkness. The mysterious system of underground tunnels in the palace and park complex of Quinta da Regaleira was built at the beginning of the last century in the Portuguese municipality of Sintra. Its central building is the Well of Initiation, the entrance to which is guarded by the guards of the penumbra - representatives of the penumbra world.

According to legend, in this 27-meter inverted well, masons conducted initiation rites. The ceremony ended at the bottom of the pit, where an eight-pointed star was depicted. A spiral staircase with outlandish railing symbolized the circles of heaven or hell - depending on the direction of movement. The exit from the mystical well is possible through a stone door leading to an underground tunnel.

The Well of Initiation is located on the grounds of the Quinta da Regaleira estate in Sintra, Portugal. This man-made structure got its name due to the fact that the initiation rites of masons were held here.

The spiral staircase encircling the well consists of 10 levels that support the carved columns. They symbolize 10 circles of hell, 10 circles of paradise, 10 circles of purgatory, which Dante once described.

The well itself is built on the unity of opposites, that is, hell is opposed to heaven, to heaven - hell, to this world - otherworldly. When a person descends into the well, he passes all these circles. For him, this is a certain rite of knowledge of his soul.
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