What old documents are interesting to collectors?

What old documents are interesting to collectors?

24 May 2019, 12:11
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Each collector, for sure, is familiar with such a thing as a “document era”. After all, there are hardly any antique objects that more accurately reflect the past than official papers sealed with seals and signatures. So, what documents are interesting to collectors?

Most often in the collections certificates of baptism, extracts from old metric books, certificates of education.

Old passports are real rarities. For example, not all residents had passports. Previously, passports did not have photos: they contained only a detailed description of the appearance of their owner, which indicated the color of the eyes, hair, height, measured in apexes and arshins.

Rare can be considered books homeowners, at one time listed the rules of living in a variety of apartment buildings.

An interesting collectible - vintage postcards, business cards, certificates issued after years of irreproachable service, accounts of merchant houses.

Vintage letters and other award copies are particularly rare, and therefore cost more. Among them are color and incredibly beautiful lithographed school letters, which were awarded for exemplary behavior and excellent study.

More strict design distinguished state letters. For example, a document confirming the award of the title of honorary citizen. Their texts were printed in beautiful typographic font and sealed with signatures of the authorities.

Subsequently, all this handwritten luxury was replaced by inconspicuous and thin, yellow papers printed on outdated typewriters. Although their people collect.
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