Lima 1964: How and why did one of the worst tragedies in football history occur?

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At the stadium in Lima during a football match Peru-Argentina on May 24, 1964, more than 300 people were killed.

The crush at the National Stadium occurred in the capital of Peru, Lima at the end of the match. Played as part of the qualifying tournament for the XVIII Summer Olympics.

The judge first counted, and then canceled the goal against Argentina at the last minutes of the match. At the stadium among the fans of the Peru national team as a result of unrest and unprofessional actions of the police there was a crush.

328 died and about 4,000 people were injured. This is the largest tragedy in the history of football in terms of the number of people killed at the stadiums.

Police used tear gas at the north stand to scare the crowd. This caused a panic, everyone ran to avoid gas. The iron gate was closed.

Spectators who moved on a closed staircase, crushed those who were at the closed gate. People died from internal bleeding or asphyxia. Gates broke down.
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