A picture bought in Britain for $ 293 turned out to be a Picasso original

48827 May, 11:45 / Source: news.sky.com
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Experts recognized in the picture bought at the garage sale for $ 293 as the original Pablo Picasso brush, the estimated cost of which is $ 955,000.

The painting, which was considered the stylization of Pablo Picasso, turned out to be the original of the work of an outstanding expressionist. It was bought at a flea market by a connoisseur of antiques from the English city of Crawley, Philip Stapleton.

At first, he thought that the 1930 canvas “Bather sitting on the beach” is a very high-quality fake. But then he drew attention to the signature: "Picasso Collection." It was she who made him turn to the experts.

The picture was delivered to the researcher and CEO of the Brighton and Hove Auction House Rosa May. She noted that "there is too much evidence indicating that this is a real Picasso."

According to experts, its real value may reach $ 955,000.
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