Miniature furniture that you can watch forever

Miniature furniture that you can watch forever

27 May 2019, 14:25
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Japan has long been famous for all miniature: from bonsai trees to mobile phones. In this country, miniature furniture for animals, dollhouses, figurines and other things are very common. This tendency in her works was taken over by a Japanese artist named Kiemi.

The mother of 2 children who already rises a year at 4 am to pay attention to her hobby. Using paper, wire and plexiglass, it creates incredibly detailed furniture and accessories of the 18th century.

A woman collects antique wardrobes and chairs, haberdashery items such as spools of thread, sewing scissors and vintage sewing machines, as well as miniature shoes and hats laid out in a tiny clothing store. In the arsenal of her work there is even a miniature bakery complete with tiny cakes.

This Japanese woman once again proves that in every case the main thing is desire. Just look at these beautiful antique scissors, hats, dressers and even dishes. Such patience and diligence really deserves admiration!
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