Ivan Franko: a creative way

Ivan Franko: a creative way

31 May 2019, 11:35
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While still at the gymnasium, Ivan Franko began typing poems, short stories and translations, collecting folklore. From the second half of the 1870s, his active journalistic and journalistic activities actually began: he joined the publication of a number of magazines, collaborated with newspapers.

In 1878-82 Franco wrote his most famous poetry of social and political content - “Hymn” (“Eternal Revolutionary”), “Masons”, the cycle “Ukraine” with “National Anthem”, the story “Borislav Laughs”, “Zakhar Berkut” and others.

In 1883, Ivan Franko settled in Lviv. Having diverged from the populists, in the mid-1880s he several times, planning to organize a democratic periodical, traveled to Kiev, where he met with the leaders of the Kiev community.

During one of these visits in May 1886, he married. His wife was Kiev resident Olga Khoruzinska. But their marriage was not entirely happy. She helped in many public affairs, but suffered a nervous illness, from time to time was treated in a clinic for the mentally ill, and Franco was looking for love outside the family.
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In 1890, Franco declared himself as a politician. He became one of the founders and the first chairman of the first Ukrainian political party called the Russian-Ukrainian Radical Party (RURP) and the editor of its press organs.

After the split in 1899, he resigned from the RURP and joined the Ukrainian National Democratic Party, in which he participated until 1904, when he retired from active political activity.

Since the end of the 1890s, Franco devoted himself to literary and scientific work on the territory of the Scientific Society. Shevchenko. For many years he headed the philological section of the society, its ethnographic commission, was a co-editor of the journal “Literary and Scientific Gazette”, prepared and published several volumes of scientific research.

In the mid-1900s, Ivan Franko became seriously ill with rheumatoid arthritis, which was manifested, in particular, by the deformation and paralysis of the arms. This greatly hampered his productive scientific and literary work.

On November 26, 1915, in a letter to the Nobel Committee, Doctor of Philosophy from Vienna, Professor Yosef Zastyrets nominated Ivan Franko for the award in the field of literature as "a truly outstanding writer of modern Europe", but the writer did not live to participate in the competition - Ivan Franko died on May 28, 1916.
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