Pereshchepy treasure - the richest discovery of the XX century

Pereshchepy treasure - the richest discovery of the XX century

11 June 2019, 18:11
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The Pereshchepinsky or the Little Pereschepinsky treasure is one of the richest treasures found in Eastern Europe. The complex of gold and silver items, discovered in 1912, is associated with the Bulgarian Khan Kurbat.

The treasure was discovered by chance on June 11, 1912 in the area of ​​the village of Maloe Pereshchepino in the Konstantinograd district of the Poltava province. He was found by two children - Fyodor Derkach, 12, and Karp Madzhar, 14.

Passing on a sand dune, the leg of one of them fell into the wide neck of a vessel. As it turned out, it was a gilded amphora. In addition to her, the boys managed to get some more golden bowls. After the finds were found in the village, the local priest reported this to the authorities of Poltava.

Two days later, a policeman and archaeologist Ivan Zaretsky appeared in the village. But during that time, the place of discovery of the treasure has already been excavated by local residents. Coins, precious utensils, decorations were taken away.

Pereshchepinsky treasure included more than 800 gold and silver objects, as well as weapons. The total weight of things from gold reached 25 kg, and from silver - 50 kg. The most valuable finds are gold rhyton; gold ornaments of the second rhyton; gold jug lining; several iron swords; golden hryvnia; gold earring; 7 rings with precious stones; gold coins of Byzantium VI-VII century BC. e. and so on.

After conducting preliminary research, the treasure was sent to the Hermitage, where it is still stored.
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