Vintage and retro: what is the difference?

Vintage and retro: what is the difference?

12 June 2019, 12:36
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Vintage and retro are not the same thing. These two styles represent the aesthetics of the past, so they are often confused. But the similarities end there, then we'll talk about the differences.

Historical era.
Vintage originated at the beginning of the last century. You can even say that it represents the pre-war era. Close to the classics, because it was formed as its continuation.

Retro - a kind of protest of the same and dullness of the early 50s of the last century. Striving for the deliberately bright and positive, people wanted to erase all the horrors of war.

Color spectrum.
Vintage - calm colors, pastel and gray shades. Even in vivid interpretations, vintage looks muffled, as if dusty. In decoration and textiles - delicate floral motifs with images of birds or low-contrast circles and stripes.

Retro is hardly faded. Even if the basis chosen low-key colors, without bright accents and complex geometric patterns can not do. For furniture choose contrasting colors and different shades of wood.

Materials and furniture.
Vintage style involves the use of elegant antique furniture and natural materials. Often skillful stylization, the use of natural wood, forged metal, stucco.

Retro style first began to use plastic in the interior. Wooden elements can be made of chipboard, the main feature is polishing and varnish. Furniture with simple and clear outlines, stands on high wooden or metal legs.

The decor.
Vintage style is a lot of decorative elements, each of which has its own history. Tableware, figurines, caskets. A special role is assigned to images of bird cages and old suitcases.

Retro-style strongly echoes the style of pop-up: bright posters, stylized comics. Important elements of decor - bright rugs and bedspreads, crystal, colored glass, retro appliances.

Use the following examples of differences to distinguish between vintage and retro styles.
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