Old crystal in business, or unusual ideas for decorating the interior

15013 June, 12:18 / Source: cpykami.ru
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For a couple of decades ago, an impressive collection of crystal was considered the pride of its owner. But the years go by. Now it is a relic of the past. But is it possible to get rid of the dishes, which, perhaps, the whole family collected.

Do not rush to throw out numerous salad bowls and candy dishes. After all, they can make a great decoration for the house.

You just need old crystal glassware, glass pebbles, silicone glue, glass frame, hooks and chains. Choose dishes with smooth edges. Suitable as saucers, and more voluminous items like glasses or salad bowls. Decide on their location, secure on silicone glue, it is quite durable and leaves no traces.

Fill the gaps with glass "pebbles" or splinters of dishes. If you create a panel - attach hooks and chains to the frame. Now the favorite collection of crystal will be pleasing to the eye, without taking up space in a sideboard.
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