Apple's first computer sold at auction

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The Apple I computer was auctioned off at Christie and sold for £ 371,000 ($ 471,000). Steve Wozniak, partner of Steve Jobs, collected this device personally.

The Apple I series included only 200 computers. Usually it was a wooden case with a keyboard, however, if desired, you could put the computer in a portable case.

The lot sold at auction also included a monitor, a dot-matrix printer, and proprietary computer documentation.

In 1976, when the Apple I entered the market, the Apple I was sold for $ 666. However, now, 40 years later, the device was able to sell 705 times more expensive.

Apple I put up for sale not for the first time and in different states, and auction houses help them for considerable sums of money.

The Apple I is an early personal computer, the first computer is Apple Computer, perhaps the first personal computer sold in fully assembled form.

The computer was designed by Steve Wozniak for personal use. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had an idea to sell it. Apple I was the first product of Apple Computer, demonstrated in April 1976 in the "Club of self-made computers" in Palo Alto, California.
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