Underground treasure from Dijon. Details and photos

Underground treasure from Dijon. Details and photos

13 June 2019, 20:29
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Treasures dating back to the 15th century were discovered by archaeologists from the National Institute of INRAP.

Scientists investigated the house in the abbey of Saint-Benin in the French city of Dijon and found silver and gold coins. Apparently, under the floor they hid the former owner of the house. A total of 34 coins were found - 10 gold and 24 silver.

Corrosion has combined the coins into a single ingot. But archaeologists managed to separate them and restore. The coins were minted by the mints of Italy and the Holy Roman Empire. The oldest of them was released by Brabant between 1432 and 1467.

According to experts, the find has a certain numismatic value. Indeed, before this incident, such specimens were known only in small quantities.

In addition to the coins, a medallion with initials V and C, made from inexpensive metals, was found. This suggests that the owners were rich, but not included in the higher strata of French society.

Dijon - the main city of the former duchy of Burgundy, then the province of Burgundy, now the French department of Côte d'Or and the region of Burgundy - Franche-Comté.

The city has suffered relatively little in the wars of the last two centuries. In the center, half-timbered houses of the 12th — 15th centuries and the palace of the dukes of Burgundy with the tower of Philip the Good remained; it owes its present appearance to the restructuring of the XVII-XVIII centuries.
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