Where in home conditions store scale models?

Where in home conditions store scale models?

17 June 2019, 15:25
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Professional collectors or just fans of large-scale models are always faced with the problem of convenient storage of exhibits of their collection.

Most often, models find their place on the shelf in a closet, sideboard, or other furniture that is not intended for their location. Because of this, collectible cars regularly fall from the shelves of home furniture, breaking their parts, causing their owners to thrill. In addition, the sunlight falls on the scale models of the car, under the rays of which, especially on a hot summer day, the car can heat up. The same bad effect is made by the proximity with the heating system.

The collector, choosing a place to store models at home, focuses on: easy access; the possibility of demonstration of the collection to visitors and a loved one; ensuring the safety of machines from accidental external damage; reducing the impact of various environmental factors on changes in the properties of the materials from which the exhibits are made.

If you want your collection of models of cars to look spectacular, then shelves and racks made of transparent materials, such as plexiglass, are suitable for this because it is 2.5 times lighter than ordinary glass and is not so fragile, shatterproof, water-resistant, a little restraining light penetration.

If you are limited in funds, then the space for “parking” for your collection can be equipped in drawers of a table or a dresser, having previously placed a foam sheet with grooves for the wheels of the machines on the bottom in order to securely fix them. In this way, you will also protect cars from sunlight and accidental damage.

It is possible that all the options will seem complicated to you, then you can restrict yourself to a simple arrangement of the models of machines in factory packages in the same drawers of a table, a dresser, or, in extreme cases, on a furniture shelf.
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