Ivan Samoilovich: state policy of the hetman of the Zaporozhian Army

Ivan Samoilovich: state policy of the hetman of the Zaporozhian Army

20 june 2019, 16:57
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In domestic politics, Ivan Samoilovich began to single out the so-called sign (noble, significant) military society, which became the prototype of the Ukrainian nobility, from a Cossack foreman. Tried to unite the Right Bank and Left Bank.

In 1674, when the troops of hetman Samoilovich crossed the Dnieper, and most of the right-bank regiments went over to the side of the left-bank hetman, the right-bank hetman Mikhail Khanenko left the hetman’s club, Petro Doroshenko was formally removed from power, and Ivan Samoylovich was proclaimed hetman of all Ukraine.

As a result of the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, Samoilovich lost control of the Right Bank. It was they who, in 1678 for the first time in the Hetmanate, introduced a lease for vodka.

In 1679, on the orders of Moscow, he forcibly relocated Ukrainians from Right-Bank Ukraine to Left-Bank, known as the Big Sgon.
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In the years of Samoylovich's rule, the state-political structure of the left-bank Ukrainian hetmanate was finally established, which basically remained unchanged until 1764.

He proved himself a capable military leader in the war of the combined forces of the Cossack Ukraine and Muscovy with the Ottoman Empire. He encouraged the resettlement of the Ukrainian population from the Right Bank to the Left Bank. Claimed to spread Hetman's power in Volyn and Western Ukraine.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the prisoner between the Moscow kingdom and the Ottoman Empire of the Bakhchisaray world in 1681, repeatedly opposed the conclusion of the Polish-Moscow Eternal Peace of 1686, which legalized the division of Ukraine into two parts.

After an unsuccessful joint Ukrainian-Moscow campaign against the Crimea in 1687, he was accused of “treason against Moscow”, deprived of his mace, arrested and sent into exile in Western Siberia, where he died.
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