What kept the safe, which could not open more than 40 years?

What kept the safe, which could not open more than 40 years?

25 June 2019, 11:22
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A Canadian resident, Stephen Mills, accomplished what no one has been able to do for more than four decades - he discovered the mysterious safe that was kept in the basement of one of the museums of Canadian Alberta.

Traveling with his family across the expanses of his homeland, Stephen asked to see the Vermilion Museum. Despite the fact that the institution was closed, his desire was fulfilled, and the safe was presented to the man, which no one could open from the 70s.
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To hack the safe, they hired both blacksmiths, representatives of the manufacturing company, former museum workers, and ordinary visitors, but Mills simply leaned his ear to the safe and dialed a combination of 20-40-60 on the dial and, oddly enough, the safe opened.

However, no treasures were presented to others around - there were only documents dated 1977-78, a few checks and a waitress’s notebook.
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The safe originally belonged to the Brunswick Hotel, which was opened in the early 1900s. After 70 years, the hotel was closed, and the safe departed to the museum, where it was kept locked.

“Unfortunately, there was not what we thought. Some documents, old checks, a waitress’s notebook and a receipt from the hotel, that's all. All documents are dated 1977-1978. Nevertheless, everyone was delighted with the successful conjecture,” said the happy tourist.
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