Cute robots from unnecessary parts

Cute robots from unnecessary parts

25 June 2019, 14:35
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Specialists in kinetic art work slowly. Well, if you get two or three projects a year. But Nemo Gold from Minnesota per year makes at least twenty electrical and mechanical robots, not counting abstract sculpture and visual installations.

Nemo Gold is widely known in the USA. Every year he has 5–7 solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Auckland, San Mateo, and throughout his career, Golda’s number of expositions exceeds 80. And he is only forty-two, that is, his creative life is in full swing.

When creating sculptures, Nemo does not directly address the topic of comics, but animated mythology finds a place in his works, which often resemble Bender from Futurama, or C-3PO, the golden robot from Star Wars, or someone else from this the company. Nemo himself says that he pushes off when searching for a topic, including sci-fi films.

In subsequent years, Nemo increased his fertility from month to month. To the question of where such a passion for work comes from, he replies: “Most adults have almost no faith in a miracle, and this is terrible. With age, we learn more and more life secrets - and at the same time losing what makes us truly alive, does not allow us to become robots. My work is to some extent a satire on the modern man. At the same time, my main goal is to arouse something new in a person, make his heart and imagination work. And the more I do, the more people see my work, the more benefit they will bring, that's the whole reason.”
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