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The most beautiful opera house “La Scala” was built on July 15, 1776 on the site of the church of Santa Maria. Its building was designed by architect Giuseppe Piermarini in 1776–1778. in place of the church of Santa Maria alla Scala, from where the name of the theater itself originated.

The church, in turn, received its name in 1381 not from the “ladder” (scala), but from the patroness - the representative of the family of the rulers of Verona by the name of Scala - Beatrice della Scala. The theater was opened on August 3, 1778 by the production of the opera “Recognized Europe” by Antonio Salieri.

The theater building was one of the most beautiful in the world. It is designed in a strict neoclassical style and differs immaculate acoustics. The artistic decoration of the auditorium was combined with a convenient location of seats in it and met all the most stringent requirements of optics. The building of the theater was 100 meters long and 38 meters wide. In the middle of the facade stood a portal for the entrance of carriages with ladies and their cavaliers.
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The hall had the shape of a horseshoe. It had five tiers of boxes and a gallery. The lodges were only 194 (also the royal lodge). In each bed fit from 8 to 10 people. All the lodges were connected by a corridor. He was followed by the second row of lodges in which the tables for the card game and the beverage trade were located. The stage of the theater was rather small. Initially, there were no chairs in the stalls - they were replaced by folding and mobile chairs.

The lighting was rather poor. Candles were lit in the boxes, and those who sat in the stalls did not risk removing their hats and other hats, as melted wax dripped on them. There was no heating in the theater. But the hall of the theater was wonderful - made in white, silver and gold tones. Everything happened in this wonderful hall - from balls to gambling and bullfighting.

The theater building cost Milan about 1 million lira of that time. Expenses were distributed among themselves 90 aristocrats of the city. The theater building has been restored several times. During World War II, it was destroyed and restored to its original form by engineer L. Secchi. La Scala Theater reopened in 1946.
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