The killing of Gianni Versace

The killing of Gianni Versace

16 July 2019, 21:37
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Until the spring of 1997, Andrew Kyunanen had no criminal conflicts with the law. He made his first kill for fun on April 27, 1997 in Minneapolis. There he killed Jeffrey Theil, a new partner of his previous lover David Madson, who was later also killed and kidnapped by Jeep Cherokee.

Two days later, in Chicago, Kyunanen met with financier Lee Miglin, beat him to death during an altercation and kidnapped a victim Lexus. On May 9, Kyunanen abandoned Miglin's car in New Jersey and killed William Reese, the watchman of the cemetery in Pennsville, kidnapping his pickup truck.

At this time, the FBI was already engaged in the search for Kyunanen, but on July 11, he reached Miami without any complications. Despite the fact that one of the employees of the eatery, who recognized him from a photo shown on television, said about the appearance of a man in the city to police, it was not possible to find Kyunanen in time.
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Four days later, he committed another murder - he shot Gianni Versace. The fashion designer was shot on the steps of his Casa Casuarina mansion in Miami Beach after returning from a walk through Ocean Drive.

He usually sent his assistant to the News Cafe for the morning newspapers, but on that fateful day he decided to go to the little shop, located three blocks from his house, for fresh press. The death of Versace was recorded at 9:21 am at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

On July 23, Kyunanen’s body was found a few blocks from the Versace house, in a two-story boat-house, where the killer had been living the last time. He shot himself from the same pistol that killed his two victims. Kyunanen did not leave any suicide note.

Gianni Versace was buried near Lake Como, in the garden of Villa Fontanello, but after selling the last Russian oligarch, the couturier’s ashes were transferred to Milan.
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