Hot dog had to eat for 5 bites

Hot dog had to eat for 5 bites

18 July 2019, 20:51
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July 18 is Hot Dog Day. Since 1957, the US Chamber of Commerce has appointed this day to be officially celebrated.

The classic hot dog recipe: a loaf, milk sausage or sausage, three sauces - ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Often the classic recipe is supplemented with fried or fresh vegetables, greens or canned corn. It can also often include cheese and bacon.

The first hot dog was made in 1487 in Germany. At the beginning of the 19th century, German migrants brought sausage cooking to the United States. The origin of the name "hot dog" has several versions. One at a time - in the advertising of the first hot dogs in the United States, a dachshund dog silhouette was used, which influenced the product name. And they say that when he was pulled out of the oven, and his fingers were hot, they cursed: “Hot Dog!”
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The popularity of hot dogs in America has reached unprecedented heights. Then in the United States even created a National Council for hot dogs and sausages. They were engaged in the study of product quality, tasting and advertising. Annually held competitions for their preparation, made lists of rules for their eating.

The first rule is that a sausage roll cannot be eaten from a plate with the help of devices. Only hands. Secondly - to eat a hot dog need a maximum of five bites. The third rule - seasoning, which remains on the hands, can not be washed off, just lick. Fourth - a hot dog is not worth eating from beautiful dishes. It is better to use disposable paper plates for it. The fifth rule - the sauce should be watered exactly sausage, not a loaf.

Each US state has its own cooking recipe. Corn hot dogs are made in the south, grated cheese and sauerkraut are added to them in Kansas, and apple and crab hot dogs are cooked in Chicago.
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