Winston Churchill resignation

Winston Churchill resignation

29 July 2019, 16:27
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In 1924, Winston Churchill returned to the Conservatives again. But after their defeat in 1929, he held no government posts until September 3, 1939, on the day when Great Britain declared war on Germany, was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty. Churchill was the only one who advocated preventive military action in Scandinavia, but was not supported, and on April 9, 1940, Denmark and Norway were occupied by Germany.

After another fiasco of Chamberlain’s hesitant policy on May 10, 1940, a few hours before the German invasion of France, he resigned, and Winston Churchill was appointed prime minister of the coalition government. His speeches and radio programs helped inspire the country to resist when the countries of the British Empire almost single-handedly fought against Germany.

Later, Churchill found a common language with Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin and became one of the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition of states. In the Second World War, the countries of the axis Rome-Berlin-Tokyo and their satellites were defeated.
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Following the announcement of a general election that was not held in Britain since 1935, Churchill resigned on May 23, 1945, but at the suggestion of King George VI on May 28 headed the "Coalition Government" of conservatives, national liberals, liberals and non-partisans. The election results, which took place on July 5, became known only after three weeks — after learning that the conservatives had lost to the Labor Party, on July 26, 1945, Winston Churchill resigned.

Concluding the last meeting of his government the next day, Churchill told the Foreign Minister and his deputy for the party, Anthony Eden, at the exit at the door: “I spent thirty years of my life in this office and never come back here, but you will.”

However, contrary to expectations, he retained leadership in the Conservative Party, headed the opposition for six years, and in 1951 for the second time became Prime Minister of Great Britain.
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