The miniature worlds of the Australian artist

The miniature worlds of the Australian artist

30 july 2019, 17:41
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Australian artist Kendal Murray creates miniature sculptures, which consist of several elements. Due to this, his creations can be called mixed type miniatures. And the most interesting, the master forms his mini-world on the back of women's powder boxes, wallets and other familiar household items. Very often, the objects that the artist uses are not used for a long time or have failed.

Murray believes that such sculptures reflect the inner world of man, his subconscious. A miniature installation is placed in the palm of your hand, but its plot can contain entire stories, sometimes dramatic.

Each of Kendal Murray's works is simply amazing with a combination of the smallest details and elements. Sometimes even the thought arises that this is a three-dimensional photo from the future. Although in his plots there is nothing fantastic: a couple kissing on the roof of a multi-storey building, a shepherd with a herd of cows. But the family goes on vacation in a new car, green grass of pasture can “grow” on the surface of the wallet, and the road can be located inside a small mirror.

These tiny creatures viewers are considering, with bated breath. After all, so do not want to interfere with the inhabitants of such a fragile world!
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