Accessories from old ties

Accessories from old ties

2 August 2019, 21:32
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A tie is an ancient accessory, the first mention of which is found in the history of Ancient Egypt. Such a strip of fabric of regular geometric shape, adorning the neck, testified to a certain status of its owner. As for the name itself, it came from the German halstuch and the Dutch halsdoek, which translated as “neck scarf”.

We’ll finish this brief excursion into the history of the tie and see how you can reuse this men's accessory. Perhaps you still have a collection of old grandfather ties, or your boyfriend decided to completely change his clothing style and stop wearing suits with ties. And with a dozen colorful accessories gather dust in the closet ... Here are a few interesting and useful ideas for their application.

The elongated and narrow shape of the tie is ideal for sewing purses, purses or cases for glasses and gadgets. And although the service life of such a fabric wallet will be short, but the accessory will turn out to be very stylish and unusual.

Women's bags from ties? Easy! See how interestingly ties of different colors and with different patterns can be combined in one women's bag!
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