Roomy suitcase from a gas can

Roomy suitcase from a gas can

3 August 2019, 17:57
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Ivorilla’s designers were inspired by the most common gas can. Its design was developed in 1937 by German engineers commissioned by the military.

For ease of transportation and to reduce the risk of mechanical damage, the box was torn out as a mold. The seam connecting the halves of the canister was “drowned”, and the stamping on the sides was applied for greater rigidity. To make it convenient to carry, engineers equipped the canister with three handles. These and other advantages were transferred by modern designers to a suitcase.

The fuel tank has become an original and very convenient way to transport things. The GasCase suitcase canister is presented in two versions: diesel and gasoline, although, of course, you should not pour either one or the other. The difference between them is only in the location of the fastener. GasCase Diesel opens along, and GasCase Fuel - across. A fashion accessory also has the necessary attributes of a good suitcase - a combination lock, wheels and a telescopic handle.

But the most important and important advantage of GasCase is the safety of even fragile things during transportation, because the suitcase is made of thin but durable steel. Although four colors are used to identify the contents of real cans (red for gasoline, yellow for diesel, blue for kerosene, and light blue for water), there are seven colors for GasCase, as well as patterns, for example, the union flag Jack".
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