Found traces of the collapse of Britain's richest ship

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At the beginning of the month, British divers discovered a bronze cannon of a merchant ship that sank in 1684. It is known that the ship "President" followed from India with a heavy load of pearls and diamonds. Off the coast of Cornwall came into conflict with the pirates and sank near the modern village of Portoven. Only two crew members survived, who told about the ship's death.
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Fragments of the deceased ship divers were found 20 years ago, but only now strong storms have exposed the bottom and put on display eight guns and a rusty anchor.
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The guns were found a few meters from the shore, at a depth of 7 meters.
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"This is a very dangerous place for diving, the entrance is narrow and treacherous, dangerous even with a little excitement. Only thanks to calm weather, for the first time in a few months, we were able to explore the bottom, "says British diver Mark Milburn. "Any storm can now bring a lot of surprises".
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