July 12: "The Nuremberg Chronicle" by Shedel, the use of mustard gas and the expedition on the papyrus boat "Ra-II"

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July 12, 1493 in Nuremberg, the "Nuremberg Chronicle" by Hartman Schädel. It contains an illustrated chronicle of biblical history from the creation of the world.

1806 - under the pressure of Napoleon Bonaparte in Paris, German monarchies formed the Rhine Union - 16 South and West German principalities officially announced their withdrawal from the Holy Roman Empire and union in the confederation.
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1862 - the highest military award of the USA - the Medal of Honor was established.

1876 ​​- 23-year-old Italian circus artist Maria Spelterina for 11 minutes walked along the rope through the Niagara Falls, and then for 10 minutes returned back, moving her back forward.
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1917 - during the First World War in the battle near the town of Ypres (Belgium), the German army first used for poisoning mustard gas, which in the battlefield was called mustard.

1928 - the Soviet icebreaker "Krasin" in the Arctic waters near Spitsbergen rescued the crew of the airship "Italy".
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1931 - in France a monument to the Musketeer D'Artagnan was opened.

1943 - during the Second World War, the largest tank battle took place - in the area of ​​the Kursk Bulge near the village of Prokhorovka in battle, on both sides, 1200 (according to German data - up to 500) tanks and self-propelled artillery units came together.
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1970 - 57 days after the start, the expedition on the Ra-II papyrus boat of the Norwegian traveler Tour Heyerdahl, which consisted of seven people from seven different countries, reached the shores of Barbados, proving that even on primitive vessels, African Aborigines could reach America, before its opening by Europeans.

1982 - British Queen Elizabeth, waking up at night, discovered in her bedroom an unknown man who, despite the great protection, entered the monastery residence through a window and drank a bottle of wine while sitting on the bed. When asked who he was and what he was doing here, the unknown person did not answer, only asked the queen for a cigarette.
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1998 - a memorable Grand Prix of Great Britain. Michael Schumacher won the first victory on the islands, during the race he was punished by a fine for overtaking under the yellow flag. Arriving for a penalty at the end of the last lap, he crossed the finish line to the pit lane, thereby winning the race. After that, this kind of finish was officially banned.

2011 - Neptune completed its first complete revolution around the Sun since the discovery of the planet in 1846.
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