In Israel found the remains of a large city

In Israel found the remains of a large city

8 October 2019, 22:34
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In Israel, excavated the ruins of the city, which is more than 5 thousand years. The remains of the buildings were discovered during the construction of a highway 50 km North of tel Aviv. According to archaeologists, the area of the city was about 65 hectares and probably lived here about 6 thousand people. In particular, archaeologists cleared the foundations of houses, part of drainage structures, as well as streets and squares.

On the territory of the city there was a temple in which burned bones of animals were found. This suggests that once upon a time there was an altar for sacrifices. Artifacts were also found: parts of figurines, ceramic fragments, tools and more. After studying some subjects, scientists came to the conclusion that in the society that lived here, there was a clear social hierarchy. In addition, according to scientists on the territory of the city found signs of an even older settlement, which could be founded here about 7 thousand years ago.
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