May 24: Irish uprising, flight Kiev-Gatchina and Soyuz-18

May 24: Irish uprising, flight Kiev-Gatchina and Soyuz-18

24 May 2018, 13:37
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May 24, 1798 began The Irish uprising-the Irish uprising against English rule, which had at the time of the Revolutionary wars and was agreed with the French.

1805 - the premiere of Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata took place in Bonn.
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1844 - the first telegram in Morse code was sent from Washington to Baltimore.

1900 - in St. Petersburg was launched cruiser " Aurora."
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1914 - flight Kiev-Gatchina (1277 km for 7 hours 45 minutes flight time) P.N. Nesterov with the mechanic G.M. Nelidov on "Newport-IV".

1936 - FC "Shakhtar"was created. The team started in the USSR championship match in Kazan against the local "Dynamo" - defeat 1:4.
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1941 - early in the morning in The Danish Strait German battleship "Bismarck" sank the British battleship "hood".

1956 - the first ever Eurovision song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland.
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1975 - flight of the Soyuz-18 spacecraft. The second expedition to Salyut-4.

1989 - on screens the US released the film "Indiana Jones and the latest crusade."
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1997 - the first McDonald's restaurant in Ukraine was opened in Kiev.

2003 - Ukraine made its debut at the 48th Eurovision song contest, which was held in Riga. Alexander Ponomarev with the song "Asta La Vista" has occupied 14-e a place.
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