A treasure trove of coins was found in a Slovak town

A treasure trove of coins was found in a Slovak town

24 March 2020, 23:15
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In the town of Obišovce, which is located in the Eastern part of Slovakia, an impressive hoard of 500 coins from the beginning of the 18th century was discovered. The find has lain for several centuries inside a ceramic mug under the floor of the Church. Moreover, the temple where the coins were found was built on the site of an older structure that was demolished in the XIX century. The treasure was discovered while repairing the floor at the West entrance.

Most coins are issued in Upper Hungary. In ancient times there were mining copper, iron and silver, in the XV century, several mining towns have joined together for more effective development. They had their own mints, where money was minted for the miners ' wages. In addition, there were several Polish copies inside. The coins were wrapped in linen. According to the find, the treasure was hidden no earlier than 1702.

At that time, Slovakia was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. By the end of the 17th century, the region was in religious and political turmoil, and many tried to keep their savings hidden away from detractors. Scientists suggest that in this case, the coins were hidden by a priest during the riots. Then he left the city without telling anyone about the cache. According to the documents, the Minister was exiled to Poland after the Church was looted.
Photo © www.thehistoryblog.com

Photo © www.thehistoryblog.com

Photo © www.thehistoryblog.com
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