Instrument search: stages of preparation

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To properly prepare for the instrument search, you need to divide the training plan into stages and each of them to make certain actions.

Step one: choose your search location and plan your route.
It doesn't have to be a new place. The main thing to collect as much information about it. You need to print a map of the area or download to the Navigator, noting the desired areas.

Step two: prepare the equipment and equipment.
If you plan a trip by car, you need to take everything you need on the COP. In the field, you can use every little thing: knee pads,duct tape, towel, shoes and clothing. If it is a Hiking trip and equipment will have to carry, it is better to bring the necessary minimum.

Step three: test the metal detector on an arbitrary area.
You can pick up the pad, which is located close to home. Use a set of typical goals-pieces of iron, foil, cork. This is necessary to check the device.

Stage four: leave all your worries and problems at home.
The mood is very affects any business, instrument search is no exception. A little rest and relaxation before the trip will never hurt.
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