Poorly made: archaeologists have found an ancient charred bread

Poorly made: archaeologists have found an ancient charred bread

31 May 2020, 20:16
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In France, archaeologists during the excavation of a site in the city of Brebières found a large piece of charred bread 2 thousand years old. Representatives of INRAP discovered the find during maintenance work on the territory of 150 hectares allocated for development. According to historical data, this area was first settled in the 300s BC.

Baked dough in the form of pita bread with a diameter of 10 cm was probably spoiled during cooking, and it was thrown away. The bread was so strong that it hardly changed over the centuries. According to radiocarbon analysis, food was attempted to be prepared between 40 BC and 80 AD. Around the same period, ceramic products were made, fragments of which were also found in the earth layer. Bread research is carried out by specialists from the National science center of France (CNRS) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In particular, a carpologist is involved – an expert who is engaged in the classification of fruits and seeds of various plants.

Photo © www.thehistoryblog.com

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