Collecting Antique Books: Storage Tips

Collecting Antique Books: Storage Tips

11 August 2020, 10:50
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Collecting books and printed publications is a fascinating activity, but one cannot do without competent care and storage. Old tomes require careful treatment and the creation of a special microclimate for them. Find out what the experts think about it.

Ideally, rare editions should be stored in special racks, where you can adjust the level of air humidity, temperature and other indicators. However, most collectors use regular bookcases for their collections. As a rule, he keeps especially valuable exhibits in safes.

But even in this situation, it is simply necessary to monitor the level of humidity and temperature. Otherwise, bio-damage on the pages of old publications cannot be avoided. Therefore, in order to prevent the sheets and bindings from drying out, the appearance of fungus and mold, the following recommendations should be followed:

- the level of air humidity should vary in the range from 40% to 60%;
- the air temperature should not exceed 18-22 ° C;
- jumps in humidity and temperature should be avoided if possible;
- exposure of books to direct sunlight should be eliminated by placing cabinets or shelves perpendicular to the light source;
- the penetration of cigarette smoke, dust and gases must be minimized;
- airing bookcases and safes at least once a week;
- carry out regular cleaning of the room with a vacuum cleaner, and books with a soft brush and a slightly damp cotton cloth.

And finally, collectors often argue about the way old books are stored - to place them perpendicular or parallel to the surface. The second option will provide the best safety. But at the same time, other books should not press on it from above, thereby pressing it.

Careful attitude and competent care is a guarantee of durability and a great opportunity to further raise the price of existing antiques.
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