Jewelry painting and classical forms - IPZ tea pair on Violiti

Jewelry painting and classical forms - IPZ tea pair on Violiti

25 September 2020, 6:40
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A pair of tea, made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory, is a dish for truly august persons. The unique recipe of porcelain, inimitable style and exquisite painting - this simply could not fail to attract connoisseurs of collection tableware.

Tea cup and saucer are made with fine jewelry painting in blue, green and pink colors with gilding trim. They are adorned with floral decorations, which very delicately play on the surface of the porcelain. It emphasizes the fragility and airiness of the material, the classic forms of a tea pair.

IPZ was founded by order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. It became the first large enterprise in the Russian Empire and the third in Europe to manufacture porcelain products. In terms of material quality, they were not inferior to Chinese and Saxon ceramics.

In the first years of its existence, the then still Nevskaya porcelain manufactory produced small items. As a rule, these were snuff-boxes, which were presented as gifts to the empress's entourage. Later, the first sets and porcelain dolls began to appear.

With the coming to power of Catherine II, the manufactory was reorganized into the Imperial Factory, which later became one of the most famous in Europe. During this period, luxurious sets, sculptural compositions and vases were created.

The porcelain of the Nikolaev era was distinguished by various stylistic trends and masterly painting. This is evidenced by the sold lot, which has become a worthy exhibit in the collection of its new owner.
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