Pullmanovsky car: "luxury available for the middle class"

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Pulman cars of the XIX century are palaces on wheels, in which passengers were given the highest level of service. For the construction of railways and passenger cars, the most advanced technologies of the time were involved.

Interiors of Pullman cars are examples of unsurpassed luxury and comfort. Electric lighting, air conditioning, heating in cold weather, comfort, comfort, restaurant service and well-trained helpful staff.

In 1867 George Pullman began to build luxury sleeping cars with carpets, draperies, upholstered chairs, a library, and the highest level of service.

Tickets to Pullman cars began to be sold as "luxury affordable for the middle class." Later, Pullman's cars were called not only Pullman's cars, but also any comfortable wagons, including those built in Europe.

In 1873, the cars modeled on Pullman appeared in Europe, but they already had two and four-seater compartments, and the upper seat for the day fell and became the back of the lower sofa.
The very word "Pullman" has acquired its meaning - a highly comfortable passenger rail transport (sometimes land passenger transport in general).
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