In Ukraine, a new coin

In Ukraine, a new coin "Advanced"

16 October 2020, 19:32
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"Advanced" – a new coin with a face value of 5 hryvnia, which the national Bank launched on October 12. The new product is dedicated to employees of the medical sphere and the military. As Ukraine undergoes severe tests, fighting for the integrity of the country during the pandemic, the war is being waged simultaneously on two fronts: with people and disease. The obverse shows two hands, the fingers of which show the Roman numeral V, or the symbol of peace. Next to it is a vertical inscription "At once". The reverse side shows the faces of a medic and a soldier, separated by the vertical inscription "Advanced".

Images of faces are applied using pad printing. The coin is made of Nickel silver, its diameter is 35 mm. The edge is fluted. The circulation of the 5-hryvnia "Advanced" coin was 45 thousand copies.
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