Animalist in bronze - Soviet sculpture of the 1950s on Violiti

Animalist in bronze - Soviet sculpture of the 1950s on Violiti

26 October 2020, 18:19
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The bronze sculpture of the Monumentskulptura art casting plant named after MG Manizer has become another interesting lot on the Violiti website. This is a very beautiful and rare sculptural composition.

Exhibited Lot is a chic patina cast of bronze depicting two wolves attacking a deer. At the base there is an inscription indicating the place and time of creation - Leningrad, Monument sculpture, 1958.

Collective images were characteristic of Soviet sculpture of the 1950s-1960s. As a rule, these were figures of people who are full of determination and courage. But there were many other topics among them. In particular, animalistic orientation. Sculptures of animals with incredible realism depicted the surrounding world of wildlife and its orders.

The factory in which the aforementioned sculpture was created was engaged in the manufacture of works of art not only from bronze. Its craftsmen used granite and marble.

In 1924, it was a special department at a copper processing plant. And eight years later, it was renamed into a workshop that produced sculptural images of political figures for Soviet citizens.

Its new official name "Monument sculpture" was given in 1939. During the war years, the plant, like many enterprises of those years, was engaged in casting parts for military and radio engineering. And since 1970 it was named after the Soviet monumental sculptor Matvey Genrikhovich Manizer.

Soviet bronze sculpture is always something laconic and solid.
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