Written set from Tsarist Russia sold on Violiti

Written set from Tsarist Russia sold on Violiti

26 November 2020, 12:14
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A written set from the times of tsarist Russia became another interesting lot that was sold on the Violiti website. After all, nothing reflects a person's nature so much as the table at which he works. And also what is on this table. The happy buyer seems to have followed this rule.

Silver writing set with gilding without wooden block the paperweight weighed 1145 grams. It consisted of a platform with two inkpots, two candlesticks, a bell and a paperweight. Each of these parts had hallmarks with tests and the initials of the master.

Until the 16th century, business correspondence was considered something unworthy for wealthy people. To do this, they hired notaries who drew up contracts, acts, wills, and also wrote business letters. As for personal correspondence, she did not trust them.

Two centuries later, when private correspondence became fashionable, the first writing sets began to appear. Gradually they became a real decoration of tables. They were massive and graceful, ornate and elegant. Craftsmen decorated them with monograms and family coats of arms, built in mirrors, clocks and even secret drawers.

In the 19th century, the quality of writing sets reflected a person's cultural and social status. They were used by people of high rank. Often, writing sets of that time were made of silver or gold, supplemented with seals, inkpots and bells to call servants.

Antique writing sets are not only indicators of status and exquisite taste, but also an excellent investment.
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