May 26: Battle of Korsun, the first Volkswagen plant and Soyuz-36

May 26: Battle of Korsun, the first Volkswagen plant and Soyuz-36

26 may 2018, 19:47
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May 26, 1648 15 000 Cossack army of Bogdan Khmelnitsky defeated 18 000 Polish army of Nikolai Pototsky in the Battle of Korsun.

1895 - during the episcopal visit of the White Stone, Metropolitan Sylvester (Sembratovich) consecrated the cornerstone for the new stone church (the temple was consecrated in 1901 by the mithropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky).
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1909 - LZ-6 airship, first used by a civilian airline, made its first flight.

1923 - in France there was the first car race "24 hours of Le Mans".
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1938 - in the city of Wolfsburg, Adolf Hitler personally laid the first stone for the new building of the first Volkswagen plant.

1943 - the government of England allowed the churches to ring bells freely (the ban on bell-ringing was introduced with the outbreak of the war in 1939).
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1948 - South Africa declared the beginning of the policy of apartheid - the official policy of racial segregation, conducted by the ruler in the Republic of South Africa from 1948 to 1994 by the National Party.

1977 - for three and a half hours George Willig, the "man-fly", with the help of window suction cups climbed the outer wall of the building to the roof of the south 110-story tower of the World Trade Center in New York, where he was detained by the police for disturbing public order.
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1980 - launched Soyuz-36, with the first astronaut of Hungary Bertalan Farkas.

1994 - in the city of Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic, a secret marriage took place between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of Elvis Presley. Marriage was terminated in 20 months by the initial decision of Presley because of "irreconcilable contradictions".
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2001 - The World Congress of Freemasons opened in Madrid.

2004 - the canvas of the famous symbolist Mikhail Nesterov "Peace on the Ground" was sold at the London auction "Sotheby's" for 500 thousand pounds sterling.
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