May 29: Tretyakov's testament, observations of Arthur Eddington and BelAZ-7520

May 29: Tretyakov's testament, observations of Arthur Eddington and BelAZ-7520

29 may 2018, 19:14
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May 29, 1860 merchant, philanthropist and collector Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov made a testament by which he left Moscow his collection of paintings and 150 thousand rubles in silver for the installation of the picture gallery. The remainder of his capital of 8,186 rubles was asked to use "to extradite poor brides, but for good people."
1900 - french colonial administrator Emil Gentil founded the city of Fort Lamy, which in 1973 was renamed N'Djamena, today - the capital of the Republic of Chad.
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1900 - Otis company registered the trademark "Escalator" (later all escalators will be called).
1910 - racing in speed between an airplane and a train. The first distance between Albany and New York overcame the aircraft, which was controlled by Glenn Curtiss, who received a prize of 10,000 dollars.
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1919 - observations of the total eclipse of the Sun, conducted by Arthur Eddington, fully confirmed the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein.
1928 - Fritz von Opel on an experimental car of his own design has overcome the speed limit of 200 km/h.
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1953 - a man for the first time overcame the highest point of the planet - on the summit of Chomolungma (8,848 m) rose New Zealander Edmund Percival Hillary and sherp Norgay Tenzig.
1964 - the largest in the USSR botanical garden was opened for visitors in Kiev.
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1975 - The Belarusian Automobile Plant started production of the largest truck in the USSR - BelAZ-7520.
1985 - at the stadium "Eisel" (Brussels) before the final match for the European Cup "Juventus" - "Liverpool" there was a fight between the fans of the teams, during which the concrete fence collapsed. As a result of the incident, 39 people were killed and at least 400 were injured.
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1990 - 40 European countries, the European Investment Bank and the European Economic Community signed an agreement on the establishment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
1992 - Apple demonstrated the conceptual model of the Newton handheld computer, which, as it turned out later, became the most expensive and most unsuccessful development of Apple.
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