August 10: The Battle of Saint-Cantin, the Bucharest Peace Treaty and the publishing rights to the songs "Beatles"

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On August 10, 1557, the Battle of St. Cantin (Picardy) took place, one of the greatest battles in the war between the Hapsburgs and Valois in 1551-1559 - the Spaniards, in alliance with the English and Duke of Savoy Emmanuel Filibert, defeated the French and captured the city.

1628 - in Stockholm, during his first voyage, the ship Vaza, a Swedish warship, sunk in the summer of 1628, capsized and sank. Its name was given to the ship in honor of the then reigning dynasty of Swedish kings Vasa.
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1846 - after ten years of debate over how best to use the $ 500,000 US bequested by the English chemist James Smithson, the US Congress decided to open the Smithsonian Institution, the first institution from the system of scientific and museum centers. Now this is the largest museum complex in the world, which annually visits more than thirty million people.

1897 - Felix Hoffmann, a member of the research laboratory of Bayer AG, first received acetylsalicylic acid in a form suitable for medical use. "Bayer AG" has registered new drugs under the brand name aspirin.
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1913 - The Second Balkan War between Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece ended with the signing of the Bucharest Treaty.

1920 - the Treaty of Sevres was signed near Paris between Britain, France, Italy, Japan and nine other states on the one hand, and Turkey on the other.
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1949 - The first flight of the second in the world and the first in North America jet passenger aircraft Avro Canada Jetliner took place, 13 days after the first flight of the jet airliner De Haviland Comet in the world.

1976 - The United States stopped issuing banknotes worth $ 2.
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1985 - at auction, Michael Jackson for $ 47,500,000 acquired the publishing rights to all the songs "Beatles". He paid more for them than Paul McCartney. Since that time, Jackson received half of the proceeds from the sales of "Beatles" (the other half received songwriters, mainly McCartney).

1988 - US President Ronald Reagan signed an order to pay $ 20,000 to all Americans of Japanese descent, an interned US government during the Second World War.
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1990 - NASA's Magellan interplanetary station, launched by the Atlantis shuttle on May 4, 1989, entered orbit around Venus.

1995 - at the World Championships in Gothenburg (Sweden), Ukrainian sportswoman Inessa Kravets set a world record in a triple jump - 15 m 50 cm, which is still not surpassed.
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