May 31: cricket club, design bureau of Oleg Antonov and the last flight of

May 31: cricket club, design bureau of Oleg Antonov and the last flight of "Concorda"

31 May 2018, 21:10
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May 31, 1787 in England organized the world's first cricket club. The first evidence containing a reference to the game of cricket, refers to 1598. They say that in the middle of the century the games in "crakett" took place on a common ground in Guildford.

1870 - Professor Edward Joseph de Smedt of American Asphalt patented asphalt ("French asphalt coating"). It was first used in July of the same year at William Street in Newark.
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1879 - in Berlin, opened the world's first electric railway and demonstrated the first electric train, designed by Werner von Siemens.

1902 - the signing of the peace treaty in the town of Vereeniging near Pretoria ended the Second Anglo-Boer War, which lasted three years.
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1946 - in Kiev aircraft design bureau Oleg Antonov was created.

1979 - expedition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on skis reached the North Pole.
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1988 - The World Health Organization announced May 31 World No-Tobacco Day (World No-Tobacco Day).

1992 - The final of the First National Cup of Ukraine in football took place at the Republican Stadium in Kiev, in which 49 teams took part.
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2003 - the last flight of the Anglo-French supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde was completed in Paris.

2012 - Indian grandmaster Viswanathan Anand defeated Boris Gelfand and for the fourth consecutive time became world chess champion.
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