The Chromatic Typewriter is a special modification of typewriters that was created to draw

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Today, rarely anyone uses a typewriter. This device was successfully replaced by computers, which in terms of typing are much more convenient, faster, more economical. But an American artist named Tayri Callahan believes that it's not the time to give up typewriters. With their help you can create drawings.
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Of course, this is not the first person who suggested drawing with her help. Paul Smith and Cyrus Ratbon also create their paintings through a typewriter. But Callahan created a special modification of typewriters - The Chromatic Typewriter.
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This typewriter does not print numbers and letters, but colors and shades. And even on its keyboard are not symbols, but different colors, including white and black.
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Moreover, the change of the hue of the same color can be made by pressing on this keyboard the switch to the upper case.
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