Rules of bidding at auction VIOLITY (general information)

The first day of service is calculated from the moment of the first write-off of funds from the user's personal wallet.

I. Requirements for sellers

1. It is prohibited to put multi lots at auction (more than one item in a lot with separate prices).

2. The name of the lot should not contain excess information, as well as:
- should not be pejorative, vague or contain slang (basketball cross, etc.);
- should not be written in capital letters (CAPITAL) letters;
- should not contain information with elements of advertising (such as "from 1 hryvnia", "without reserve", "rare", "infrequent", "rarity", "in collection", "in luxury" e.t.c.);
- should not contain exclamation/question marks, punctuation and symbols ^#@><.
Images of the lot must be original, as high quality and informative.

3. It is forbidden to withdraw the lot from the auction prematurely, to change the starting price for the lot with the bets already placed and to change the auction closing date (date and time) for all lots.

4. It is strictly prohibited to give unreliable information about the lot, to conceal the defects of the lot from the buyer.
Placing to the auction of the copies of the original items is allowed in the "Copies" chapter only. The word "Copy" or "Replica" in the lot name is required. Placing copies in any other sections of the auction is strictly prohibited.

5. While creating an auction lot, please assign a reasonable starting price of the lot (according to its market price).
While creating an auction lot, please assign the bid step in accordance with the starting price.
Lots that are issued with a starting price that is twice or more higher than the real market price, as well as lots with intentionally inflated steps, will be closed.

6. In the column "Location" it is obligatory to indicate the locality and (or) the region (administrative unit) of the location (stay) of the Seller or the lot.

7. The column “Delivery according to active legislation” contains all convenient ways of sending the lot, clearly indicates the one who paying for delivery.
If the Paying Party is not specified, the Buyer is liable for delivery expenses.
The seller has the right to indicate in this column a personal meeting, and it is necessary to name the city where the meeting will take place.
Among several methods of delivery of the lot, the choice of the Buyer is considered a priority.

8. It is forbidden to refuse to sell and dispatch the lot at the end of the auction.

9. It is forbidden "spin off" lots with clone profiles, or in the complicity with other users of the resource.

10. It is mandatory for seller to contact the buyer within 72 hours (3 days) via the chat in his profile in "My cabinet" , for providing details for payment and for completion the transaction.

11. The seller is obliged to dispatch the lot:
- In case of full payment for the lot - within 3 business days, following the day of payment for the lot;
- In case of COD (cash on delivery) or post payment - within 3 business days, following the day of receipt of the Buyer's mail requisites.
A Seller must confirm to the Buyer the fact of dispatch by a message through a chat with a photo (scanner) of the postal receipt (declaration) or with the number of the identifier (declaration).

12. The Buyer or the Seller are not permitted to void the transaction without the invitation of the representative of the Administration to the auction chat and his decision to cancel the deal.
In case of non-purchase of the lot within the time period set by the Auction Rules, the mandatory conditions for its subsequent placement for the auction are:
1. Invitation a representative of the Administration into the chat of that lot.
2. Decision of the representative of the Administration on the cancel of the deal.
3. Indication in the lot description that the lot was re submitted due to non-purchase (for any reason), or notify the representative of the Administration, who was in charge of the case of non-purchase of the lot.
4. Leave a negative evaluation in the business rating of the buyer who did not paid for the lot.
The placement of lot to the auction over is allowed only after the decision of the representative of the Administration to cancel the deal. If the transaction is canceled due to the fault of the Seller - the transaction commission to the Seller is not refundable.

13. Lot images and descriptions requirements:
13.1 In the column "Material" the Seller is obliged to provide complete and true information about the material(s) from which the item presented to auction was made of. In this column it is forbidden to write "by photo", "appropriate", according to "GOST", etc.
13.2. Condition “As per photo” can be specified only for coins, metal-plastic items, coupons, icons, paintings with at least ten informative photos showing the real state of the object from all sides. For all other items, the description of all defects, flaws, chips and cracks is mandatory; for watches and techniques the statement of serviceability is mandatory.
In "Books" section of the auction all damages and inconsistencies to be indicated namely abrasions, lack of cover, lack of pages, binding damage, tearing, presence of copies of sheets, presented or washed library / private collection printings and seals, presence of marks on pages, etc.. If the publication is a reprint regardless of the year and the authorization of the reprint - this must be indicated in the description of the lot. The sale of the reprint in the guise of the original is equated with the sale of a fake.
13.3. Photos (scans) of the lot should be as high-quality, informative, clear for viewing all the details of the lot. Drawings, "foggy", small and other unsuitable images are not allowed for exhibiting lots.
13.4. For comprehensive and detailed presentation of the lot a seller must provide the required number of images, preferably not less than 10 (ten) in one lot.. In the discussion of the lot you can add an unlimited number of photos (scans). Additional photos and explanations as per buyers request during the auction are mandatory..
13.5. When photographing (scanning) small objects to determine the scale, it is necessary to use as a background a sheet in a 5x5 mm cage, graph paper or to place a ruler with a scale next to the object.
13.6. It is forbidden to use bright, motley background. It is allowed to use only a singleton background of light or dark shade.
13.7. It is forbidden to put at auction lots with photos of objects located on body parts (fingers, palms, hands, etc.), as well as locate at the photo objects and images that are not related to the lot.
13.8. It’s not allowed to use image editing software ("Photoshop", etc.) in order to conceal the defects of the lot. You can edit images only for visual correspondence to the original.
13.9. It is forbidden to use photographs taken from other sellers, on other resources, as well as photographs of similar items. 0nly images of the item currently at auction are allowed.
13.10. Upon submitting images, the seller agrees that the images and information about the object presented in the lot (including the location of its findings) can be used in scientific and other publications.

14. If the amount of personal funds in the wallet is not enough to pay off commission fee for the lot sold (according to the tariff plan), the seller is obliged to replenish his wallet within 3 working days in accordance with the rules of replenishment of the account to pay off the debt. Profiles of users who did not pay off the debt within 7 calendar days will be deactivated.
Users who are indebted to the resource for other accounts (clones) will be deactivated before the debt is repaid.

15. Published by seller bidding conditions, description of the lot, photos and comments should not contain:
- dash, dot, as well as other punctuation marks and symbols indicated to the detriment of textual information;
- incorrect information;
- contact information of the Seller or third parties (names and surnames, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, links to social web pages and websites);
- advertisement information and links to pages of other Users or third parties that contain information of an advertising nature;
- information leads to possibility to purchase the lot beyond the Auction;
- information is not related to current lot;
- a large number of grammatical and spelling mistakes that make the text of the trading conditions hard to read and/or to understand by other Users;
- defamation, insults, abusive language e.t.c.;
- text with pornographic or inciting to racism, sexual violence, xenophobia, and conflicts between peoples content;
- Information infringing the rights of the Parties to the transaction and violating these Rules.

II. Requirements to buyers

1.It is forbidden to withdraw the bid or refuse to pay for the purchased lot, if there are no defects, flaws, chips, etc. in it, not specified in the description, or clearly and unambiguously not visible in the photographs added to the lot and in the comments to this lot, at the time when the buyer placed the bid.
In the sections: "Numismatics", "Faleristics", "Sphragistics", "Painting and Graphics", "Ancient and Medieval Items (until 1700)", "Religious objects", "Jewelery from precious metals, stones and bijouterie", "Bonistics", "Philately", "Miscellaneous (hard to determine items and fragments)" the buyer is advised to make only deliberate bets, taking into account the available photos of the item in the lot and comments to the lot , and make an informed, responsible decision to place a bid (make decision to buy). In order to make a decision, the buyer has the right to demand from the seller additional photos and explanations to the lot, especially if the state "as per photo" is indicated. The seller is obliged to provide information on the lot in full within the framework of the request. This paragraph has no advantage over paragraph IV.4 of these Rules.
Claims on the composition of complex (group) lots, consisting of several items sold for a single price, if the photos and quantitative descriptions of the composition are presented, are not considered by the Administration.

2. The buyer has 72 hours (3 business days) to make payment upon receiving the billing details from the seller, or (subject to payment or COD(cash on delivery)) from the moment of admission of the parcel containing the lot to the post office of the buyer.
Payment confirmation is mandatory (photo or scan of the transaction receipt). In the case of post payment or COD (cash on delivery), the Buyer must present to the Seller the destination address of the lot via Auction chat in "My cabinet" within 72 hours (3 business days) from the end time of the bidding for the lot.

3. It is forbidden:
- to impose on the seller the ways and cost of sending the lot, if they are already stipulated in the bidding condition;
- to impose on the seller a method of payment for a lot not specified by him in the bidding condition, except for the conditions specified in cl. VI. 7 of these Rules.

4. It is desirable that the Buyer begin to contact the Seller, but this is not mandatory. The Seller may contact first.

III. Comments and reviews.

1. For users with a positive balance, the "Leave Review" and "Add Comment" options are available.

2. Comments to the lot is fixed graphic, text and video information. Any agreements or promises of the Seller and the Buyer, fixed in the comments, are an integral part of the transaction by lot. When considering disputes and conflicts, all information in the comments, as well as promises and agreements of the Parties that were available / recorded before the bid was placed by the Buyer, are taken into account.

3. A review is an opinion about a transaction that will be recorded in the Counterparty's profile and is available for review to other Users.

4. There are two types of review-:positive and negative.
Positive review is issued if the Counterparty has fulfilled all of its obligations under the transaction.
A negative review is issued if the counterparty has not fulfilled / not fully fulfilled the obligations under the transaction.
Based on the received positive and negative feedback, the business rating of the User is formed.

5. The seller must leave a response within 7 calendar days from the date of full payment by lot.
The buyer must leave a response within 7 calendar days from the receipt of the lot.

6.Leaving a review or comment on the lot, the User is responsible for its content.

7. In the comments to the lot:
- it is forbidden to write messages that are not relevant to the terms of bidding, description or images of the lot (categorically prohibited and treated as flooding);
- it is forbidden to criticize and discuss the authenticity of the lot. The discussions should be conducted on the forum in the relevant sections of the definition and evaluation of items. Another option is to contact the representatives of the Administration, indicating the reasons for doubts in the authenticity;
- It is forbidden to express suspicions about the spin off the lots or using clones of Users. In case of such suspicions it is necessary to contact the Security Service of the Auction or click "Report Abuse".

8. Feedbacks and comments on the lot must not contain:
- insults, curses, obscene language, etc.;
- content that is pornographic or inciting to racism, sexual violence, xenophobia, and conflicts between peoples;
- personal data of the User or other person (names and surnames, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, links to social pages);
- links to the site;
- advertising messages;
- links to similar active lots of other Sellers (treated as advertising).

9. Review must contain true information about the transaction. It is unacceptable to issue fake reviews to increase the business rating (reviews on the transaction without completing its commodity/money exchange). Such reviews must be deleted.

IV. Penalties

1. Violation of paragraph I.1. - ban for 10 days, repeatedly - for 30 days.

2. Violation of paragraph І.2. - warning, withdrawal of the lot from auction.

3. Violation of paragraph І.3. - ban for 30 days.

4. Violation of paragraph І.4. - warning, or ban for 10 дней.

5. Violation of paragraph І.5. - warning, withdrawal of the lot from auction.

6. Violation of paragraph І.6. - warning. if repeated-withdrawal of the lot from auction.

7. Violation of paragraph І.8. – ban from 30 days to unlimited (repeated violations).
Refusal to sell a lot for an amount of equivalent to $ 1000 or more at the rate of the NBU

8. Violation of paragraph І.9 – ban 30 days to unlimited for everyone participants of “spin off” of the lot.
"Spin off" for an amount equivalent to $ 1000 or more at the rate of the NBU at the time of the transaction is an unlimited ban.

9. Violation of paragraph І.10 - ban 7 to 30 days.

10. Violation of paragraph І.11 - ban 7 to 30 days.

11. Violation of paragraphІ.12, І.15 - warning, withdrawal of the lot from auction.

12. Violation of paragraph І.13 - warning. repeated violations-withdrawal of the lot from auction.

13. Violation of paragraph ІІ.1. - ban up to 30 days for the withdrawal of a bid, at refusal to redeem the won lot-ban from 30 days till perpetual (for repeated infringements)30 days till perpetual (for repeated infringements).
Refusal to redeem the won lot for an amount equivalent to $ 1000 or more at the rate of the NBU at the time of the transaction - an unlimited ban.
Flood in comments - ban up to 30 days.

14. Violation of paragraph ІІ.2 - ban 30 days to unlimited (for repeated violations).

15. Violation of paragraph ІІ.3 - ban от 10 days to unlimited (for repeated violations).

16. Violation of paragraph III.7 -III.8 - warning, for repeated - ban from 5 days to unlimited (for repeated violations).

17. Violation of paragraph III.5 - warning, for repeated - ban up to 30 days (for repeated violations).

V. Moderation

1. Administration has the right:
- to close lots placed to the auction with violations of these Rules;
- to edit the names of lots and descriptions that contradict these Rules;
- to transfer the lots to the appropriate sections of the auction;
- to close lots at constant non-target placement;
- to close lots for discussion on the forum;
- to edit feedbacks and comments that contain incorrect statements and personal information;
- to delete and edit the comments specified in clauses III.7 -III.8 of these Rules that have a negative impact on the course of trading and the final sale price, containing defamation of the seller;
- to delete unsubstantiated responses by the decision of the Administration;
- to block the User profile fort violation of the Rules;
- to change the duration of penalties;
- to request from the users a documentary confirmation of completion of the transaction;
- to deactivate the User's profile and terminate further business relations with it upon the decision of the Administration.

2. The Administration doesn't have legal or moral obligation to provide or present to user any evidence explaining or indicating on any violations of p.p. I.8, III.7, III.8 of the Rules of bidding and p.1.1 of the Rules of conduct on the resource, as a result of which the user was denied access to the auction and (or) to the forum temporarily or permanently.

3. Follow of the recommendations of the Administration is mandatory. The decisive power remains for the Administration. Failure to comply with the decisions and instructions of the Administration - ban from 30 days to perpetual.

VI. General requirements for Auction users

1.The registered user shall independently ensure the confidentiality of his(her) password and be fully responsible for all activities related to the use of the account/profile. With negative and zero balance, the following functions will be unavailable for Auction Users:
- to bid on a lot;
- to put up a lot for sale;
- to write a comment for this item;
- to write to the Seller or the Buyer in the auction chat before the balance replenishment;
- to give feedback on the transaction;
- to receive a response from your counterparty.

Appeals referring to a negative or zero balance are not taken into account while considering conflict topics. Negative or zero balance does not relieve traders from the deal obligations and from compliance with the Rules of bidding.

2. The sale of counterfeited antiques declared as the original is punished with a ban from 30 days (if the forgery is hard to identify and it was presented without the purpose to cheat the buyers) to perpetual (for the purpose of willful deception of the buyer).

3. It is prohibited to put up for sale items listed in Appendix 1. Goods prohibited for sale.

Prior to putting the item up for auction, a Seller claims that he has legal rights for possession, use and disposal, as well as full contractual capacity regarding this item. A Seller simultaneously has to declare the item’s compliance with the criteria for admissibility established by the Auction Rules and current legislation, including the absence of prohibitions and encumbrances, restrictions put by authorized authorities, the absence of any litigations and / or pre-trial investigations for the item placed for auction. A seller voluntary and independently accepts all the risks and liability / consequences for the inconsistency of the foregoing statement of reality.

4. The sale of MDM (mass-dimensional models) of modern (XX-XXI centuries) combat firearms, cold steel weapons, weapons and military hardware is allowed only if there is a factory passport of MDM, or the conclusion of the State Research and Expert Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (SREFC) and in accordance with law (for lots currently on the custom territory of Ukraine).

5. It is desirable to have a gemmological expertise and assay service certificates, or opinions of the experts that have been trained and certified prior to sale of precious and semiprecious stones and modern jewelry with inclusions.
When exhibiting lots, links to these documents are desirable, but not necessary.
Administration doesn't investigate the conflicts without presence of these documents.

6. No debate and controversy about the outcome of the auction with reference to technical problems are allowed. A violation punishable by a warning or ban for 5 days.
In case of inaccessibility of the auction (the administration informs about the failure of the announcement), trades for the lot are prolonged for a period of at least 24 hours if the auction was not available for a longer period of time - for the period established by the administration.
In case of deliberate or accidental overstating of the rate by the Buyer, as well as when attempting to disrupt trading in floods - the Administration has the right to extend trading from one to four days.

7. Rules for payment of lots.
For transactions between counterparties in the amount of up to 100 UAH / 200 RUB / 4 $ / 7 BYR / 15 PLN / inclusive (excluding the cost of delivery and packaging), the payment rules (specified in paragraph VI.7) are recommendatory in nature and are determined by the terms of bidding. The contractors are given the right to agree on the payment method in the comments to the lot before the end of the auction.
When the Seller states a personal meeting in the column “Delivery in accordance with the current legislation”, the Buyer and the Seller are obliged to complete the deal (exchange the lot for cash) in person, regardless of their business ratings at Violity auction.
After Payment is payment to the account details / account, indicated by the Seller of the lot, after receiving the lot of the Buyer, taking into account the terms stipulated in II.2.
Cash on delivery (COD) is the amount of money that a mail clerk collects on behalf of the sender (seller) from the recipient (the buyer) when the package with a lot is handed to recipient (the buyer) and which is sent to the sender (seller).

A seller with a seller's business rating below 20 is required to send the lot to a buyer with a buyer's business rating below 50 and a buyer who does not have the right to afterpay for cash on delivery (СOD) payment in the amount of 100% of the lot value.

A seller with a seller's business rating below 20 is required to send the lot to the buyer with a buyer's business rating above "50.01" with a 100% after-payment.
Regardless of the business rating, the buyer is obliged to pay in full for the lot to the seller who has a business rating of the seller above 20 and who does not have three negative reviews in the auction profile - according to the terms of the bidding.

The seller with a negative business rating of the seller, or having three or more negative reviews on transactions - is not entitled to prepay for transaction.
A buyer who has one or more negative feedback in the auction profile for non-buying a lot or a penalty for violation of clause II.1, or having three or more negative withdrawals on transactions - is deprived of the right to postpay, regardless of the business rating.

If the user does not want to comply with the above conditions (violation of item VI.7 of the Rules of bidding), he will be given a penalty in the form of a lock on the auction for up to 30 days. The Auction and the Administration do not provide any guarantees and assurances regarding Buyers and Sellers. The auction and administration are not liable for any possible losses (monetary or reputational) arising as a result of the transaction, taking into account the business ratings of the Seller and the Buyer, even if the User notifies the Administration about them, or even if the Administration could foresee the potential possibility of damage described above.

8. The buyer pays the seller for the won lot only the amount consisting of the winning price of the lot + postal services (the cost of transportation, the "cash on delivery" service and the necessary packaging (package) purchased from the carrier).
The shipment of the lot is according to the current legislation of the state of location of the lot and is paid by the buyer upon receipt of the shipment (if the shipment price is not agreed in advance), according to the tariffs of the freight carriers specified in the lot. If one buyer purchases several lots from one seller, the latter must, at the request of the buyer, make a combined (joint) sending of several lots in one postal item. Packaging of the lot must reasonably correspond to the size and value of the lot. The seller should not overstate the cost of packaging or choose it irrationally.
The Administration strongly suggest to negotiate the cost of delivery of the items included in the auction lots weighting more than 25 kg or with actual length / width of more than 100 cm in the comments to that lots.

When transferring funds to the Seller's account at the bank's branch, through the terminal, through the web-banking, the buyer pays all costs (payment of cash services, payment for the use of the terminal, transfer commission, etc.) charged by the bank for the services rendered. *

The seller in the description of trades is obliged to notify the Buyer about the issuing bank of the card, if it is not indicated - the commission for transferring to the card / account of another bank is paid by the Seller.
The percentage charged by the seller's bank for servicing the card, withdrawing cash (determined solely by internal bank-client relationships, depending on the contract, card type, etc.) is paid by the seller.

* When using the Card by the Seller for payments to Privatbank, the commission charged by the bank for the transfer of its own funds using Privat24 to the specified card type is not paid by the Buyer.

9. The transaction is considered completed after payment for the lot, receipt of the lot by the buyer, commission payment (replenishment of the "wallet"), as well as mandatory posting a review of the deal via auction chat.
The rating of counterparties is active only if the balance is positive in their "wallets".

10. All lots of the banned seller from the moment of the ban are voided and all bets in this lots are canceled.
The last bid in active bids from a banned buyer (if the ban occurred before the end of the auction) is also canceled.

11. When creating a lot, the Seller has the right to set the Reserve price.
Reserve price - the minimum price of the goods for which the Seller agrees to sell it. The lot that did not reach the reserve price will be closed after the auction is closed without a winner.
The commission for setting the reserve price is 1% of the specified amount and is not refundable regardless of the results of the bidding. This commission is written off at the time of the creation of the lot.
The seller has the right to cancel the established reserve price during active bidding, while the commission for setting the reserve price is not refundable.
The buyer in the lot with a reserve price can not see either the availability of a reserve price or the amount. The seller does not have to indicate in the lot about the availability of the Reserve price and indicate its size.

12. When creating a lot, the Seller has the right to activate the "Anti-sniping" function.This feature allows you to extend trading for 5 (five) minutes after each last bet. When you see "+5" to the right of the end date of the lot, it means that the Seller of this lot activated the function.

13. After creating the lot, the Seller can order a prepaid function - advertising the lot on the forum and/or e-mail distribution of advertising. You can order only one type of advertisement to choose from, or two at once. Money for advertising is written off only after the passage of moderation. The commission for advertising is not subject to return regardless of the results of the bidding.
The administration reserves the right to refuse advertising.
The section "Interesting lots of the Auction", which is on the main page of the Auction, does not apply to this method of advertising.
The lot will be advertised on the forum and/or e-mail delivery every day until the auction ends. In case of re-introduction of the lot, the advertisement for the re-issued lot does not apply automatically, it must be re-ordered.

14. The sellers has the right to establish a minimum business rating of buyers allowed to bid in their lots.

15. The Seller has the right to add the User to the list of blocked users, they can’t make a bid in the lot of the Seller.

16.The user has the right to activate the "Vacation mode". His counterparty in his cabinet will see a notice in the lot in the form of a suitcase icon. When you click on the "Suitcase" icon, the data will be available for communication with the Counterparty. Activating the "Vacation mode " does not release the User from the obligations under the transaction before its Counterparty.

17. Claims on the conduct of trading, the return of the commission, reviews, the authenticity of the lot, as well as regarding the compliance of the lot with the description and photographs - are considered by the Administration within a period of not more than 40 days from the end of the auction.

18. The Auction and Administration are not a party to the transaction between the Buyer and the Seller, are not liable for the obligations of the Auction Participants and/or Counterparties participating in the conclusion and execution of the transaction participating in the bidding and are not responsible for their actions / inactions. Failure by the Counterparty of the transaction to fulfill its obligations under the transaction is the basis for the occurrence before the second Party of the civil and (or) other liability transaction provided for by the current legislation.

19. All torts between counterparts at the auction, including improper fulfillment by them of all obligations under the transaction to be resolved by the parties independently, the Rules for conducting trades regulate only the order of actions of counterparties after the auction is finished until the transaction is fully completed.
The sanctions provided for the case of violation of the Rules concern the restriction of the access of one of the counterparties to the Violity auction, namely: after creating a topic in the chat room, a counterparty gets a warning message with a link to the lot. If a reasonable explanation was not given within 48 hours after the invitation (reduction of the review period by the decision of the representative of the Administration is allowed), sanctions may apply to the counterparty according to the Rules.
In case of conflict situations with the participants of the auction on the issues of concluding and proper finish of transactions by the counterparties, the victim has the right to rely on the consulting support of the security service and the legal service of the Violity within its competence in accordance with applicable law.

20. The text of the Rules can be edited and supplemented if necessary. Any changes and additions to the rules of auction trading from the moment of entry into force equally apply to all persons who have registered on the auction, including those registered earlier the date of entry into force of the amendments (additions).

Appendix 1. Goods prohibited for sale

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